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There is unlimited liability for the proprietor/partner of the unlimited company. The operating risk is fully borne by the proprietor/partner. The debt of the company is also the responsibility of the proprietor/partner. The property of the principal/partner in the private name. Entrepreneurs should carefully consider operating a limited company or an unlimited company before starting a business. Unlimited companies only need to submit the company's management account every year, without auditing the financial statement, only need to pay the business registration fee. Beside, the maintenance cost is also cheaper than that of the limited company, which is why more entrepreneurs consider registering an unlimited company.


1) Fill in application form

​2)  Send the Identify document and latest three month's address proof to us [by what apps or email]

3) We prepare document for registration
4) Customer come to our office for signing document.
5) We send out the company chop and related documents to customer [1-2 working days]

Package included:

  • Business Registration Certificate

  • Certified True Copy for bank account opening

  • Company Chop

  • Signatory Chop

Fee:HKD 3,000

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