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Deregistration of company

Under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) of the Laws of Hong Kong, only a local private company or a local company limited by guarantee, other than those companies specified in section 749(2) of the Companies Ordinance, may apply for deregistration. The company must be a defunct solvent company.

The company must meet the following conditions before making an application for deregistration:

a) all the members of the company agree to the deregistration;
b) the company has not commenced operation or business, or has not been in operation or carried on business during the 3 months immediately before the application;
c) the company has no outstanding liabilities;
d) the company is not a party to any legal proceedings;
e) the company’s assets do not consist of any immovable property situate in Hong Kong;
f) if the company is a holding company, none of its subsidiary’s assets consist of any immovable property situate in Hong Kong; and
g) the company has obtained a “Notice of No Objection to a Company being Deregistered” (“Notice of No Objection”) from the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

Services include:

  • Searching the taxation record from IRD and ensure no outstanding liability

  • Draft documents for deregistration 

  • Apply a notice of no objection from IRD (IR1263)

  • Submit deregistration form to Company Registrar  (NDR1)

  • If your want to know more deregistration details, please contact us

Fee:HKD3,000 (not include government fee, accounting and audit arrangement services

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