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Formation of British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company

The British Virgin Islands (English: British Virgin Islands, abbreviation: BVI), also translated as "British Virgin Islands" or "British Virgin Islands", is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico.

The British Virgin Islands company does not need to declare taxes and is not subject to foreign exchange control. It only needs to pay an annual fee to the local government every year. The annual inspection and maintenance procedures are relatively simple. Moreover, the information of shareholders and directors will not be available to the public, and the privacy of shareholders and directors is high. Therefore, the British Virgin Islands is currently one of the most popular places for company registration in the world.

Advantages of British Virgin Islands BVI Company

- There is no need to file tax returns every year, and there is no tax

- The information of shareholders and directors with high privacy will not be available for public inspection

- Bank accounts can be opened in most parts of the world​

- Company regulations do not require statutory audits

- There are few restrictions on the company's business, and a wide range of industries can be registered

- Reduce personal risk to the company's business

- The annual inspection procedure is relatively simple

- No taxes incurred when transferring assets or shares

- Internationally recognized and protected by regulations

British Virgin Islands BVI company registration fee

​ The establishment fee is HK$8,000  (this price is the company’s registered capital as the standard number of registered shares is 50,000 shares)

This fee includes:

  • Local government establishment fees

  • Local Registered Agent Fee

  • Local registered address fee​

Time required for establishment

14-20 working days

Information required for registration of British Virgin Islands BVI company

- Company English name (required), Chinese name can be added

- ID card scanning or passport scanning of shareholders and directors

- Address proof of shareholders and directors

Procedures for registering a British Virgin Islands (BVI) company:
1) First, you need to check whether the company name can be used
2) After the name check is available, the name will be kept for 10 working days
3) After the name is reserved, we prepare the required incorporation documents for the company
4) After receiving all the signed documents, since the BVI company must apply through a local agent, we will hand over the required documents to the local agent for processing. It usually takes 7-10 working days to issue the company registration certificate and articles of association
5) Then wait for the complete set of documents together with the seal to be completed, and send the documents back from the local area
6) About 14-20 working days, the company's full set of documents will be completed

​The documents that customers can receive are as follows

- Full set of BVI company establishment documents

-  Certified public accountant certified bank account opening documents

- 5 articles of association

- Company stock 10 pages

- Company Statutory Register
- Company stamp

- Atomic signature stamp for check signing

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