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Formation of a UK limited company

Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom before it returned to the motherland in 1997, so Hong Kong has many laws and regulations that are very similar to those of the United Kingdom, including company regulations and taxation principles. The UK's company law system is as complete as Hong Kong's, so it is possible to do business and open bank accounts around the world. The British tax system also implements the principle of source taxation as in Hong Kong. Taxes are only levied on transactions that occur in the country, and all overseas businesses are exempted from taxation.


It is not complicated to set up a UK company, choosing our services will save you unnecessary time and money when registering a company. We provide professional and reliable UK company registration services. We will first search the company name for the customer, and after the name is verified and available, we can formally handle the establishment procedure for the customer.


Advantages of setting up a UK company:

- Taxation is only levied on transactions that occur in the UK, exempt from taxation on overseas transactions

- Tax system is similar to Hong Kong
- Easier tax treatment

- Registered capital does not need to be in place
- Low set up and annual maintenance costs

- Perfect regulations and high international reputation
- Bank accounts can be opened anywhere in the world


Registration fee for UK limited company

- The full set up fee is HK$2,800, including government and license fees, registered address fees (registered address in London, UK) and document courier fees.



annual maintenance fee

- The annual inspection fee is HK$2,500. If the company does not operate in the first year, we will attach a year of company financial statements.

Time required for establishment

3 working days​


Information required for establishment

- Company Chinese name, English name (required)
- A copy of the company's shareholder's ID card or passport and proof of address, the proportion of shares held by each shareholder

- Company director ID card or passport copy and address proof

- Company business introduction

Procedures for registering a UK company:
1) First, you need to check whether the company name can be used
2) If the name is available, we will prepare the required incorporation documents for the company
3) After receiving all the signed documents, we will arrange for the establishment, and it usually takes 3 working days to issue the company registration certificate
4) Then we will arrange to make the company seal and print the articles of association, register of directors and register of shareholders and other documents
5) About 7-10 working days, the company's full set of documents will be completed


​ The documents that customers can receive are as follows:

- Overseas company registration certificate

-  Certified public accountant certified bank account opening documents

- 5 articles of association

- Company stock

- Company Statutory Register
- Company seal

- Atomic signature stamp for check signing

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